How to improve your life with SPIRITUAL HEALING book

Spiritual Healing book

Let me introduce you what I like to call my TREASURE book –Spiritual Healing book written by Robert E. Detzler. It contains a lot of healing energies, more than 200 patterns and symbols to improve the quality of your life.

Only a few to mention are symbols like Bluebird or Hummingbird to increase joy and happiness in life. Symbol Platypus will help you with ponderous beliefs, perceptions and judgements.

Really helpful are patterns related to health issues like Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites, Toxicity or Acne, Allergies, Backache, Blood Pressure High and Low, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Depression, Indigestion, Migraine, Stress, Teeth and Gums, Pain, Weight Excess and many more.

The universal pattern called Freedom pattern can be used for anything you wish to be free from. I like to use it for clearing any blocks to health, prosperity, vitality or wellbeing. Just place a hand on it and ask for example I would like to be free from any hardships and struggles if this is what you wish for. In that case possibilities are endless, just use your creativity and enjoy benefits.

The cover symbol – Creative Power Symbol was drawn by Mary Faith Rhoads and is recommended to be used after waking up and before going to sleep to clear all your accumulated discordant energies. Before sleep time I like to count also my blessings to practise gratitude and keep myself positive. I am choosing 5 things I am grateful for from that day. For example I am happy and grateful today for happy moments with my family because joy makes me feel good. Thank you for having a day off so I can relax more. From the whole heart I am thankful for being healthy and active all day so I could complete all my tasks. Thank you for love from my partner what brings me peace. I am very grateful for good healthy food that nourishes my body.

Everyone on this planet can benefit from this book, not only people trained in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). Simply use your common sense and choose from alphabetical listing of patterns according to your problems or symptoms. Other option is to go through the whole book step by step one pattern after another to clear all your past life energies. Hold the hand on the pattern or symbol at least 30 seconds or as long as it feels good. Some people can feel the healing and shifts in energy immediately as they touch the patterns what often results in significantly reducing a lot of physical problems. It’s definitely worth a try.

Make a habit to use the book daily and you will be rewarded. I am witnessing it every day 😊

If you wish to clear your programs (root causes of the problems in life) and apply healing energies, please contact me.

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