About Me

SRT and SPR courses

I took my first SRT Basic and Advanced Class in 2014 in Slovakia along with  Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) Class. In 2016 I attended SRA Intensive Skills Class taught by Kathleen Butler in Prague. In March 2018 I satisfactorily completed SRA Self-Mastery Class in London.             

To keep getting all new updated information I retook Intensive Skills Class online with Karen Kent in December 2021. 

Additional education

I followed my passion and subscribed to SRA Ascension, attended teleconferences  where I have improved SRT methodology and procedures. I took classes and private sessions with K. Butler to deepen my knowledge in clearing relationships, businesses, allergies, health issues, addictions or clearing blocks to live happy, satisfied and fulfilled life. 

What My Teachers Say

Alexandra is a thorough SRT practitioner, utilizing her many skills with clearing Akashic records and soul programs. She has the ability to help people in many areas of their life, including specific issues they may wish to address.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a wonderful system helping people around the world. Alexandra has continued to work on her knowledge and skills to apply SRT in many different ways.

Kathleen Butler